Advanced encryption system with a click!

Aes Crypter Professional

The easy of the Lite version, with the power of a new application
full of unique features running on multiple platform,
effortlessly and with outstanding performance!


What Is Aes Crypter Professional?

Aes Crypter Professional is a completely new application, rewritten from scratch to run up against maximum portability among different platforms like Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux and among different CPU architectures (Intel/AMD x86, x64).

  • Features
  • System requirements

    Aes Crypter Professional includes all the features of Lite edition plus:

  • Outstanding performance. That could be possible by taking advantage of C++ language and exciting CPU features like multi-threading, multi-core, SIMD instruction set extension to the x86|x64 architectures and parallel distributed computing! This huge premium feature will be available later only.

  • Customizable plug-in technology. User can apply ordered sequences of predefined plug-ins over selected files. That means this application is able to do anything else (not just encrypt the data). In addition, Users will be able to create new own plug-ins from scratch by means of lot of imagination and Aes Crypter SDK/C++ (later only).

  • Multi-platform. Aes Crypter Professional is running nicely on Microsoft Windows (32|64bit), Mac OS X (Intel 64bit) and Linux (Intel 32|64bit) platforms. Again, both GUI and CLI interfaces are available.

  • New GUI. Aes Crypter Professional has a fully functional and renewed Graphical User Interface compared to the Lite version. Once again, Your data encryption/decryption are as easy as dragging 'n' dropping files over a window.

  • Compatible with Aes Crypter Lite. All files encrypted with Aes Crypter Lite 2020 are handled by Aes Crypter Professional transparently.

    Aes Crypter Professional can be run over different platforms.

  • Minimal Operating System requirements:

  • - Microsoft Windows 2000 (w/o SPx)
    - Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (w/o SPx)
    - Microsoft Windows XP (w/o SPx)
    - Microsoft Windows Vista (w/o SPx)
    - Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (w/o SPx)
    - Microsoft Windows 7 (w/o SPx)

    - Apple Mac OS X 10.5 (only indicative at present)
    - Apple Mac OS X 10.6 (only indicative at present)

    - Linux Kernel 2.6.x (only indicative at present)

  • Minimal memory requirements:

  • - Not available yet.

  • File System requirements:

  • - Aes Crypter Professional is FS independent. Just an example: FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT, NTFS, HFS+, NFS, XFS, ZFS, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, ...
    - It's mandatory to have a mounted read/write file system in order to save encrypted files.